Accordion orchestra | Accordion solo

You play the accordion and you are looking for a sheet music

that is both :

  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Breathtaking
  • Fantastic
  • Unforgettable … 


STOPthis is too much !


That’s right, a thousand excuses. So let’s start again, you’re about to play the accordion :

  • as soloist
  • in a small accordion music group
  • in a large accordion orchestra


Feel free to browse through the list of sheet music that I put at your disposal. These are personal compositions and arrangements of known tunes for which I have obtained the rights. Listen to the audio files, watch the Youtube videos, view the excerpt of the sheet music and then make your choice. 

Accordion orchestra sheet music



– But who are you?

That’s right, I’d forgotten.You guessed it, my name is Gilles Mayer and I live somewhere in a galaxy far, far away …
In fact no, I live in « Alsace » in the East of France. I’ve been playing in an accordion orchestra for the last thirty years.


– By the way, are your sheet music free or for sale ?

Both of them, sir !

ATTENTION to get the free scores, you will have to provide me :

  • An extract from your criminal record.
  • A proof of address …

Seriously, no registration is required. 


Where do I find your free sheet music ? 

► You can download free sheet music directly from the blog by clicking on the download link. The file includes the full score and all separate parts

Accordion orchestra sheet music


FREE-SCORESOtherwise you can download free sheet music on the Free-scores websiteThe file includes the full score and all separate parts


IMLSPYou will also find other free scores on the IMLSP website (Petrucci Music Library)The file includes the full score and all separate parts


And the sheet music that are on sale ? 

SHEET MUSIC PLUS : a link will direct you to the sales site. The sheet music are in PDF format. The file includes the full score and all separate parts. 


AME LYSS : a link will direct you to the Swiss publisher. The sheet music will be sent to the delivery address.


– I have a music title in mind but it’s not in your list, can you write it for me ?

Of course, but depending on my availability, you’ll have to be a little patient. Especially the important thing to know, is that I do not write and publish anything that does not respect copyright. All you have to do is send me a message..

You want to contact me ?


– What is GMMusic ?

I created GMMusic to allow the publication of my sheet music  on SHEET MUSIC PLUS. Besides, you will notice that I also use this label for my free scores


New Releases ?

  • SCHINDLER’S LIST : sheet music for accordion orchestra

In conclusion, welcome !