What is this blog ?


Suppose you play the accordion and you are an accordionist lost in the vast world of the web. You are looking for a score and you have been typing Google for hours without finding anything (we have the right to dream).

Then just as you were about to give up, luck smiles at you, you come across this blog (I know, my ankles are swollen). They are there, before your eyes, the scores you are looking for.

No more jokes !

Let’s get real, now.

You have just taken your instrument out of its case and you are about to play

What you will find on this blog : 

  • Sheet music for accordion (I specify for those who landed directly on this page)
  • Music scores revisited. You want to play famous tunes but to stand out from your friends, you are looking for an original arrangement, not a copy-paste of the original version.
  • Personal compositions. Your audience has been asking you for new music for a long time and then you can no longer stand to play the same scores as the others..
  • Scores for soloist, small ensemble or large orchestra. I’m sure you’ll find one that’s right for your musical training.


– Tell me, are there scores I can’t find on your blog ?

– Absolutely, you’re right !



What you won’t find on this blog : 

  • French musette waltzes for example. I am French, no doubt about it, nevertheless I am not a fan of this style of music. But I must admit that revisiting french musette scores is something I like..
  • Scores that do not respect copyright. You have the guarantee that they have all been written with the agreement of the publisher or the author. Besides, I prefer to avoid trouble.


Who am I ?


Gilles Mayer Music accordion


You understand, my name is Gilles Mayer. For the most curious, I was born the same year as Jason Statham (I let you search)..

I took my first accordion class when I was 6 and my last one when I was 13.


 Why did you stop music when you were 13 ?

– No, but with my brother, we preferred to continue learning on our own.


Are you a professional musician?

– Absolutely not.


– But when did you start composing and arranging music scores?


To keep it simple, I’ve been playing in an accordion orchestra for the last thirty years (I’m still there). One evening, during a rehearsal, our conductor takes scores out of his bag. He distributes an arrangement of Albinoni’s Adagio.

I am delighted because it is one of the most beautiful melodies in the classical music repertoire. The orchestra starts the first bars but after a minute, the conductor drops his arms and everyone stops playing. It’s horrible, it looks like a German-Russian polka. Unanimously, the score ends up in the garbage.

Disappointed, I propose to write an arrangement of this piece. 20 years later and hundreds of scores later, I still enjoy it. Today my library is filled with treatises on harmony and orchestration that I regularly consult. You always learn. Isn’t that right ?


Enjoy your visit on this blog! !


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SAUSHEIM Accordion Orchestra (France)

Orchestre d'accordéons de Sausheim